Regression (Khan Academy)

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Fitting a line to points. Linear regression. R-squared. (1) Scatter plots Scatter plots: studying, shoe size, and test scores Scatter plot: smokers Describing trends in scatter plots Constructing a scatter plot Constructing scatter plots Comparing models to fit data example Fitting quadratic and exponential functions to scatter plots (2) Linear regression and correlation Correlation and […]

Random variables and probability distributions (Khan Academy)

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Random variables. Expected value. Probability distributions (both discrete and continuous). Binomial distribution. Poisson processes. (1) Random variables and probability distributions Random variables Discrete and continuous random variables Constructing a probability distribution for random variable Constructing probability distributions Probability density functions (2) Expected value Expected value Term life insurance and death probability Getting data from expected […]

Descriptive statistics (Khan Academy)

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Measures of central tendency and dispersion. Mean, median, mode, variance, and standard deviation. (1) Measures of central tendency Statistics intro: Mean, median, & mode Mean, median, & mode example Mean, median, and mode Comparing means of distributions Means and medians of different distributions Comparing data distributions Inferring population mean from sample mean (2) Box-and-whisker plots […]

Statistical studies (Khan Academy)

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(1) Types of statistical studies Types of statistical studies Correlation and causality Appropriate statistical study example Types of statistical studies (2) Hypothesis testing Simple hypothesis testing Simple hypothesis testing Statistical significance of experiment Statistical significance on bus speeds Hypothesis testing in experiments (3) Categorical data Categorical data example Interpreting two-way tables Analyzing trends in categorical […]

Probability and combinatorics (Khan Academy)

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Permutations and combinations. Using combinatorics to solve questions in probability. (1) Permutations Factorial and counting seat arrangements Permutation formula Possible three letter words Zero factorial or 0! Ways to arrange colors Ways to pick officers Permutations (2) Combinations Intro to combinations Combination formula Handshaking combinations Combination example: 9 card hands Combinations Permutations & combinations (3) […]

Independent and dependent events (Khan Academy)

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Introduction to probability. Independent and dependent events. Compound events. Mutual exclusive events. Addition rule for probability. (1) Basic probability Intro to theoretical probability Probability: the basics Subsets of sample spaces Subsets of sample spaces Simple probability: yellow marble Simple probability: non-blue marble Simple probability (2) Venn diagrams and adding probabilities Probability with venn diagrams Addition […]

Khan Academy

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Khan Academy is perhaps the best known free collection of online courses. The subjects span a great range of topics, including everything from math and science to art history. According to their about page: Our mission is to provide a free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere. A full list of the subjects they offer is […]