How to Pass AP Statistics, DSST, College Stats & Probability (Udemy)

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Learn how to use statistics tools like Excel, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, probability, mean, Z score & more! (1) Introduction to Statistics and Data Collection What is Statistics? Begin with the End in Mind Types of Data & Using Microsoft Excel for Statistics Categorical Data – Pie Charts, Bar Graph, Pareto Chart Numerical Data – […]

Basics of Statistics – A Comprehensive Study (College Level) (Udemy)

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Learn Fundamentals of Statistics with supporting case studies (1) Basics of Business Statistics Introduction History of Statistics Science of Statistics Applications of Statistics Limitations of Statistics Collection of Data Collection of Primary Data Sources of Secondary Data Presentation of Data Frequency Presentation Mode of Presentation of Data Textual Presentation of Data Tabulation of Data Diagrammatic […]

Polynomial Regression, R, and ggplot (Udemy)

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Learn how to write and graph functions in R and how to fit polynomials to data sets. – Free Course (1) Functions in R Introduction A Review of Functions Creating Functions in R Plotting Functions with ggplot Polynomials Reading in Our Data Fitting a Line Plotting Points along the Least-Squares Line Visualizing the Residuals Best […]

R, ggplot, and Simple Linear Regression (Udemy)

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Begin to use R and ggplot while learning the basics of linear regression – Free Course (1) Getting Started Introduction Installing R and RStudio A Tour of RStudio Vectors in R Data Frames Installing ggplot2 Plotting a point with ggplot Controlling axis properties More with color and shape Graphing lines with ggplot More with lines […]

Statistics for Psychology: Beginner level (Udemy)

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Learn how to apply statistics so you can answer psychological questions. (1) Intro Intro to course What is statistics + example what role descriptive and inferential stats play Population (Parameter) + Sample (Statistic) Discrete and Continuous Variables Measurement Scales Measures of Central Tendency Variability (Standard Deviation) Normal Distribution Z-scores (Probabilities, Percentiles, and Area between) Sampling […]

Deep Learning Prerequisites: Logistic Regression in Python (Udemy)

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Data science techniques for professionals and students – learn the theory behind logistic regression and code in Python (1) Start Here Introduction and Outline Review of the classification problem Introduction to the E-Commerce Course Project Linear Classification Biological inspiration – the neuron How do we calculate the output of a neuron / logistic classifier? – […]

Workshop in Probability and Statistics (Udemy)

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This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of statistics in order to give you a leg up at work or in school. (1) Basic Probability and Terminology Course Welcome/ Introductory Lecture Fundamentals of Probability Events and Complements And & Or (Intersection and Union) Descriptive Statistics Problem Set 1 Problem Set 1 Walkthrough Compound Probability and […]

Deep Learning Prerequisites: Linear Regression in Python (Udemy)

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Data science: Learn linear regression from scratch and build your own working program in Python for data analysis. (1) Defining linear regression, deriving the solution Introduction and Outline What is machine learning? How does linear regression play a role? Introduction to Moore's Law Problem Define the model in 1-D, derive the solution Coding the 1-D […]

AP statistics practice (Khan Academy)

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We’ve partnered with a group of incredible teachers and students to bring you our first round of AP statistics practice items. Look forward to a much more full offering of learning and practice content in the not too distant future! (1) Analyzing categorical data Analyzing categorical data (2) Exploring bivariate numerical data Scatterplots & correlation […]

Inferential statistics (Khan Academy)

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Making inferences based on sample data. Confidence intervals. Margin of error. Hypothesis testing. (1) Normal distribution Introduction to the normal distribution Normal distribution excel exercise normal distribution problems: Qualitative sense of normal distributions normal distribution problems: Empirical rule normal distribution problems: z-score exercise: Standard normal distribution and the empirical rule Empirical […]